Mobile Legends New Meta - The Wanwan Aegis Tactic! Retribution no more

In the current funnel META, Wanwan is one of the best heroes to use to successfully win while using the strategy. Wanwan might not have a long blink skill like the one that Granger and Bruno have but she has her passive that makes her jump every basic attack. She also has a purify skill. Her ultimate skill which makes her immune to both damage and crowd controls is also a very great ability.

For this guide, the Wanwan using the Aegis Spell will be discussed. The reason why Aegis is an effective spell and some guidelines to do this tactic successfully will be elaborated and explained.

Why not other spells?

Let's analyze each spell one by one
  • Execute - Not much useful. She can just hit enemies with basic attack or skill to kill them than using Execute.

  • Retribution - The current META for Wanwan. This is in order for her to secure buffs which is very important. But as a matter of advantage, Aegis gives shield while this spell gives slow effect to teamfights. Since Wanwan can already slow enemies easily especially with the Corrosion Scythe Item, Aegis is more useful in teamfights.

  • Inspire - Gives her more damage output especially when combined with her ultimate skill. Go for this for offense, Aegis is for defense.
  • Sprint - Being able to jump around with her passive, this spell seems not that useful too.

  • Revitalize - Wanwan tends to moves around and changing positions. This spell is only good if you can stay on its area. This won't be efficient for Wanwan.

  • Aegis - Shields Wanwan for 670(+50*Hero Level) for 3 seconds. Also shields a nearby allied Hero with lowest HP for 50% of the value. You can save your life and an ally's life with this spell.

  • Petrify - This is not good for a long-ranged squishy hero. She can't spam this spell well since she needs to go beside the enemy to trigger the stun.

  • Purify - She already has her second skill so why still choose Purify?

  • Flameshot - A long-ranged Execute and Retribution. It can be used to steal buffs from much longer range or secure kills. Also she can use this to knockback enemies who gets near her. This spell might offer a lot with also its short cooldown. Compared to Aegis, extra life and helping an ally is the advantage. Teamfight speaking, Flameshot can't save you from a long range damage skill unlike Aegis.

  • Flicker - Since she doesn't have a long distance blink skill, this helps. But, Aegis has a lower cooldown and can also be used defensively.
  • Arrival - This spell can be used to teleport quickly from one location to another. There is no concrete or special trick that Wanwan will benefit well from this spell compared to others.

  • Vengeance - Abuse the Vengeance Bug since it might be removed unless it is really designed to help Wanwan get full health whenever she uses ultimate skill. Besides, she tends to build Demon Hunter Sword which is enough for her to regenerate some HP while using her ultimate skill.
It is really just a matter of preference. Retribution might be better to secure buffs but it is not much useful in teamfights compared to Aegis. Some may argue that since Wanwan really needs her item and farm fast, the Jungle Item and help of teammates is enough to help you farm fast and get her items. Picking the Aegis spell for more teamfight sustainability is great!

Tactic Discussion

1. Anti-Burst Ability

The shield from the Aegis spell can save you from being instantly burst down by enemy mages or other burst damage ability.

In the current funnel META, every enemy aims to kill the funnel. Burst skill can kill you in an instant but not with the Aegis spell.

There are two types of damage according to duration; DPS (Damage per second) and Burst (Instant High Damage).

It is hard to kill Wanwan using DPS since she can also lifesteal her health back. How about trying to disable her? It won't work especially with her second skill. That is why it is really hard to kill Wanwan. She also moves fast due to her passive. That is why Burst Damage is one of the concrete counters to Wanwan.

2. Psycho/Micro/Bait/Taunt or other Similar Gaming Terms

Wanwan with lifesteal and damage items can transform seemingly looking unfavorable fight into an advantage.

Use Aegis then try to lifesteal while trying to unlock your ultimate skill.

Enemies will be surprised that Wanwan can still survive even with low health.

3. Escape

When enemies are chasing you and some has long range damage abilities especially Flameshot, Aegis can save you so that you can walk away and regenerate back in your base.

4. Assist Ally

In a teamfight, you can use Aegis to not only grant yourself a shield but also one of your allies. It will commonly be the tank since it will be the main damage absorber. Giving tank a shield will be very efficient since with high defense stats of Tanks, they can reduce enemy damage output that is why every HP from Aegis will be very efficient.

As a solo queue player where teammates sometimes are unreliable and can't protect you, Aegis will really be more useful than Retribution. Less deaths is better than when you are farming and even if you secure buffs, enemy will kill you then buff effect will be removed.

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