Mobile Legends new MPL Skin for the marksman hero Brody - Quantum Grip skin preview

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) is one of the major tournaments that Moonton held in preparation also for the bigger stage like the M-series World Championship and the mid-year MSC tournament. The trend just started to be regular lately that every MPL season, MLBB will release an exclusive MPL skin. For the first half of 2023, the MPL skin will be for the hero Brody named as Quantum Grip.


Brody - Quantum Grip will be the 5th MPL skin and would join the previous MPL skins consisting of Nana - Wind Fairy, Wanwan - E-Girl, Mathilda - Dream Groove, and Jawhead - Cyber Ranger. Quantum Grip is another futuristic-themed skin to give Brody a sci-fi main character vibes. As an MPL skin, the acronym MPL should be seen in this skin and it start off on his holographic scarf with the "MPL" also holographically written.


For his skill effects, his skill 1 and ultimate skill both shows "MPL" in their area-of-effect and during casting respectively. Meanwhile in his second skill, there will be a trail effect and it will look like Brody used Quantum Teleportation to dash towards his target. His basic attacks and passive visual effects are also demonstrated in the official preview of this skin posted in the YouTube channel of MLBB.

The preview also revealed that the release date of the skin is on February 23, 2023, MLBB Server Time (4 PM in GMT+8). There will also be a 30% discount when bought via diamonds before March 1, 2023. Keep in mind that the visual effects of the skin also vary depending on the player's in-game settings so check out the actual contents in-game was the skin is released.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!