Mobile Legends New Patch Analysis Featuring the stronger Balmond!

Guild of Guardians
Balmond is considered the weakest hero by most players not only subjectively but this was also proven by the statistics shown in the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Website. The developers now made this hero stronger. Read this guide to learn about the exact adjustments and how to use him in the current META.

Here are the adjustments for Balmond:


  • Base HP reduced by 100.
  • Soul Lock: Charging radius increased by 50%.
  • Cyclone Sweep: Effect added: Each time an enemy takes damage from this skill, they take 25% increased damage next time, up to 100% increased damage. Initial damage adjusted accordingly.
  • Lethal Counter: Base Damage adjusted to 300-500, Physical Attack bonus adjusted to 100%.
  • Bloodthirst: HP Regeneration on minion or creep kill adjusted to 5%. HP Regeneration on hero elimination adjusted to 20%.
  1. Lower HP
  2. Greatly increased the range of his first skill
  3. Added scaling damage for his second skill
  4. Higher damage for his ultimate skill
  5. Higher HP regeneration from his passive

How these adjustments made Balmond more viable in the META?

1. He is now a better offlaner

The increase in regeneration from his passive will make him recall much lesser than before. He can now trade damage with the opposing enemy to utilize this passive. Also, because of his improved second skill, the opposing enemy will think twice before trying to get near you while clearing the wave.

2. Improved secure kills capability

Because of his longer blink skill, it is easier to close gaps with the enemies. The added damage especially from his ultimate skill can instantly kill any low HP enemies within the area of effect.

3. Faster rotation

Due to higher damage, less use of recall, and longer blink skill, he can now rotate fast and help a lot even in early game.

Balmond is a very easy hero to use and to master. If you are a beginner, Balmond is definitely recommended. He is now stronger than before so make sure to give it a try!

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