Mobile Legends New Skin Aldous Blazing Force - Skin Review

Guild of Guardians
The new skin Aldous - Blazing Force is the first skin of the Blazing Bounties Skin Series. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.


Skin Model

Aldous wears a fiery hat along with a red cape. His body is made up of metal and other mechanical gears. In his right hand, the word "trial" can be seen at the back of his palm. It suits for theme as he is the defender of justice in the blazing west.

Entrance Animation

Screenshot_20201114-074029_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Aldous is seen running while on top of a moving train. After zooming out, it's been clear that he is dodging some attacks. Then, he jumped out of the train and a paper is shown which explains why someone is attacking Aldous. Aldous then lands on a rail and the animation ends with a running train in the background.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. His basic attacks and skills are not the usual red but the texture is more detailed instead of relying on fiery shadows and highlights.

When he uses basic attacks, some fire splashes can be seen. In his enhanced basic attack after using skill 1, the fire effects will be seen on the ground. It seems that the ground is breaking with some fiery effects.

Screenshot_20201114-075803_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

His second skill has a great detailed texture of a six-pointed star. There will be four stars surrounding him while a circular pointed shadow can also be seen around him. It might look plain in low graphics but it will be very appreciated in high graphics.

The animation effects of his ultimate skill is also one of the best skill effects in-game in terms of visual graphics. It might not look very fiery but its texture and the details when Aldous transforms into a drill is amazing.

Screenshot_20201114-075814_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Another great thing here is that the color of the skill effects was very emphasized in a way that it is very visible even with low graphics. The texture and details can really be seen.

Overall, the skill effects are super amazing as expected for an Epic Skin of a skin series.

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