Mobile Legends New Skin Angela Floral Elf - Skin Review

The new skin Angela - Floral Elf is the April 2021 Collector skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.


Skin Model

The puppeteer Angela now wears a Fairy costume. She has a pink dress, similar color with the flower on her background, and colorful wings. Her puppet also has a similar clothing. It is also noticeable that her size is small relative to the things on her background.

Entrance Animation

Screenshot_20210409-081115_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Angela flies while chasing her puppet. They moved toward a spot of a stone. After displacing the stone, a giant plant appeared and growed tall. A flower blossomed and Angela along with her puppet flew up to conclude the entrance animation.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. Her basic attacks and skills are rainbow-pink in color.

For her basic attacks, it seems she was casting pink hearts. Meanwhile, her first skill looks like she is summoning a butterfly. The butterfly represents the wave and area of effect of her skill.

Screenshot_20210409-081132_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

For her second skill, she will attach a colorful, mostly pink in color, lightwave to a target. It also seems that there are butterflies trying to slow and immobilize the target.

For her ultimate skill, it was very worth it as the phases of this skill all have great effects. As she attaches herself to an ally, a flower will show underneath the target ally. The flower animation will stay for some time. For the second phase, in which Angela will deattach, flower petals will be showered.

Screenshot_20210409-081155_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Another great thing here is that the color of the skill effects was very emphasized in a way that it is very visible even with low graphics but of course it will be enjoyed more in higher graphics.


Overall, the skill effects are super amazing as expected for a Collector Skin.

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