Mobile Legends New Skin Chou Thunderfist - Skin Review

The new skin Chou - Thunderfist is part of the Hero Skin Series. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.


Skin Model

Chou has a yellow bandana in his forehead and his gray hair stands out which is perfect for the concept which is lightning and thunder. He wears a scarlet armor with golden accesories like the V-shape arm protectors. This skin model is consistent with the other skins in this series.

Entrance Animation

Chou entered the scene to fight the bank robbers. He kicks the robbers one by one and it has some great visual effects. Its concept is still comical that is why the visual effects are really necessary and the positioning of the entities in the entrance is awesome. It gives enough emphasis and highlights to easily determine what's going on in the entrance animation.


Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. His basic attacks and skills have golden thunder splash effects.

Even if he just uses basic attacks, some thunder splashes can be seen. On his skills, one of the most notable ones is the text. His skill one has the word "Boom" after casting its third phase. His second skill has the word "Zoom". The word "Perfect" and "KO" are seen in his ultimate skill along with the number of hits.

Another great thing here is that the color of the skill effects was very emphasized in a way that it is very visible even with low graphics. The texture and the details can really be seen.

Overall, the skill effects are super amazing and much detailed than what is expected for a skin of this skin series.

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