Mobile Legends New Skin Claude Blazing Trace - Skin Review

The new skin Claude - Blazing Trace is the part of the Blazing Bounties Skin Series. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.

Skin Model

Claude and Dexter wore a red cape. Claude has a red bandana while Dexter has a wild west hat. Claude has his gun on his right arm while Dexter holds a gun using his left hand. The western theme is appropriately applied in the skin model.

Screenshot_20201213-072120_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Entrance Animation

Dexter is first shown running towards Claude by jumping through moving trains. Then a great animation of switching positions and materials are shown which is the best part in this entrance animation. The hat was at first on Claude then it was passed to Dexter and this was also done while they are preparing their weapons. This is just one of the best attributes of having this skin.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. His basic attacks and skills are not the usual red but the texture is more detailed which emphasizes fiery shadows and highlights.

When he uses basic attacks, some fire splashes can be seen. And here comes one of the distinct detail of his skill effect, his skill 1 shows a retrieval of a wanted poster. By checking out his other skins, especially his Mecha Dragon Skin, it doesn't have what the skill effect of this skill 1 has. That is why this is another well done feature for his skin.

Screenshot_20201213-072200_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

His second skill shows a mirror version of Dexter with same features just like Dexter is still wearing its hat. The animation effects of his ultimate skill is also one of the best skill effects in-game in terms of visual graphics. It might not look very fiery but even the stray bullets have nice splash effects.

Another great thing here is that the color of the skill effects was very emphasized in a way that it is very visible even with low graphics. The texture and the details can really be seen.

Overall, the skill effects are super amazing and much detailed than what is expected for an Epic Skin of a skin series.

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