Mobile Legends New Skin Franco Valhalla Ruler Skin Review

The new skin Franco - Valhalla Ruler is the March 2020 Lucky box exclusive epic skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend?

Let this skin review help you.

Skin Model

This model has high quality and resolution. He wears a lightning suit while holding his hook on left hand and an axe on the right hand. The color is lightning-blue. This skin model is amazing.

Entrance Animation

The entrance animation shows Franco using his power of lightning to attract his weapons which is his hook and his axe. The animation is great especially the background.

Skill Effects

For his skill effects, the main color used is lightning-blue

His first skill launches his lightning hook.

His second skill effects looks like a thunder with circular lightning showing the area of effect.

His ultimate skill shows slashes of lightning. This won't be very visible on smooth graphics but looks great on ultra high definition.

Overall, the skill effects are amazing! From the lightnings up to the explosiveness of thunder.

The skill effects is the best attribute of this skin. Even if he simply does his basic attacks, lightning effects will be seen.

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Nov 13, 2018
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Skin Review | Franco - Valhalla Ruler

Being a Meta Hero really can get you an Epic Skin huh

The Skin Model of Valhalla Ruler is quite disappointing. The high quality model is amazing and all but the in-game model looks far from being impressive. The in-game model looks super low quality unlike his other skins. There just something wrong replacing his very old model with high res skin. They should've made Franco's default and Special Normal Skin a bit high res as well.

The Entrance Animation is great but not that impressive as well. Sure that the effects are awesome but the voice doesn't fit the overall skin. If they can change the heroes voice, tone, and voiceline, they should've changed the voiceline or changed the tone because the voice 100% doesn't fit his Norse Mythology God Skin. The background of Valhalla Ruler is not 360° unlike Rakshesha and Butterfly Seraphim.

The Skill Effects of Valhalla Ruler is amazing. From his electrifying basic attacks to his greatly made 1st skill effect and change to his hook, to the 2nd skill shocking explosive effect and lastly, his ultimate effect is awesome as well.

The Overall Artwork of Valhalla Ruler is great. Both the Portrait Artwork and Full Artwork.

In conclusion, our review for Franco - Valhalla Ruler is mixed of impressed and not impressed. It has some ups and let downs but the skin is still a massive improvement from his past skins.

Overall Score: 3.5/5
The Skill Effects are great but a lot of things are still a let down that could've made this skin better