Mobile Legends New Skin Granger Biosoldier Skin Review

The new skin Granger - Biosoldier is the May 2020 Starlight Exclusive skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

The model design is great. The skin color is suited with the biochemical theme. He has a eyepatch on his right eye and mask which both looks biochemical too. He holds a gun on his right hand while his powerful biochemical weapon is in his left hand which cam be transformed as a violin case.

Entrance Animation

He backflips as he entered the scene. Then he shoots using his biochemical weapon. Lastly, his weapon turned into a violin case. This might not be as impressive as his lightborn skin but it is still worth it for a starlight skin. Yet, the design is better.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. His basic attacks and skills are color neon.

Every time his bullets hit an enemy, a neon light effect appears.

For his ultimate skill aside from the neon explosion, it leaves a huge shadow smoke area showing how big the area of effect of his ultimate skill.

Overall, the skill effects are amazing for a Starlight Skin that is cheaper than an Elite Skin. From the neon light explosion, the smoke effect, and even better visual for the area of effect!

Have you decided if you will buy the skin or not? If this helps, please do share this skin critique to inform others too.