Mobile Legends New Skin Grock Codename Rhino Skin Review

The new skin Grock - Codename Rhino is a buyable epic skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

The model design is awesome! The crimson color is suited with the robotic theme. His face was designed to look like a rhino with golden yellow horns. His wall which he lifts on his right shoulder was designed to be an intergalactic weapon with a shape that still looks like a castle.

Entrance Animation

The animation was intense and full of action. Grock enters as he avoids all incoming attacks. The background is also changed which gives a vibe of an outer space combat.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are not only color-change but also full of other explosive effects.

His passive shows a golden yellow shield. It is very visible even with low graphics.

For his first skill, his weapon shines while he charges and grows bigger. Then upon casting, a circular holographic effect appears.

For his second skill, his weapon turns into a transparent wall with crimson and black edges. When it is about to disappear, its edges meet at the center which is one of the most creative skill effects to be seen!

For his ultimate skill, a vibration effect upon collision shows up then it will leave a circular area showing the range of effect.

Overall, the skill effects are very amazing for a Buyable Epic Skin that is cheaper than a Lucky Box Skin. From the awesome design and animation up to the remarkable skill effects!

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