Mobile Legends New Skin Karrie Gill Girl - Skin Critique

Guild of Guardians
The new skin Gill Girl is an epic rarity skin that is only available for a limited time. Do you think this skin is worthy to buy? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

Karrie is a mermaid which is the theme of this skin. The main color of her body is ocean-blue. She also has some spots of lime-green and coral-orange which is appropriate for the theme.

Entrance Animation

The entrance animation is amazing though her other epic skin Hawkwatch might be better. But since this is a buyable epic skin, it is already nice and worth it.

Skill Effects

For her passive, her blades and the marks are color blue. Her basic attack animation is also amazing.

For her first skill, she casts a larger blade that rotates horizontally.

For her second skill, she casts a smaller blades and the animation is similar with Kadita's first skill.

For her ultimate skill, water splashes will be very visible and its such a nice animation effect.

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