Mobile Legends New Skin Lapu-Lapu Special Force - Skin Review

The new skin Lapu-Lapu - Special Force is the February 2021 Starlight Exclusive skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.

Skin Model


The concept of this Lapu-Lapu skin is being a soldier in a military force. It is very visible on the type of clothing he has. Although instead of having guns as a weapon, Lapu-Lapu has his sword. Another notable thing here is that his sword actually looks like a gun.

Entrance Animation

Screenshot_20210203-093420_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Lapu-Lapu faces forward and points his sword. Then, he slashes before smashing it onto the ground. While he is fixing his outfit and emphasizing his clothing overall, the sword split into two. The additional pointing animation at the beginning and what he did at the last part of his entrance makes this skin different from his other entrance animations.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. His basic attacks and skills now have golden-yellow splash effects, similar to the glowing color of his sword.

Screenshot_20210203-093546_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

The most notable effects from his skills are the ones in his heavy-sword state. His skill 1 in heavy-sword state has a groundbreaking animation along with the golden-yellow border and the lengthening of his sword.

Screenshot_20210203-093604_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

After casting skill 2 in heavy-sword state, a shield animation will be visible which is different from the skill effect of his passive. This was another good effort to make it distinguishable from each other.

Screenshot_20210203-093535_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

His ultimate skills also have both groundbreaking effects with the great splash effects.

What's good about the skill effects is that it is still very emphasized in a way that it is visible even with low graphics but of course it will be enjoyed more in higher graphics.

Overall, the skill effects are amazing for a Starlight Skin that is cheaper than an Elite Skin.

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