Mobile Legends New Skin Lesley Lethal Lady Skin Review

Guild of Guardians
The new skin Lesley - Lethal Lady is the April 2020 Starlight Exclusive skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

She wears a violet clothing which flexes her good body figure. Her left eye is covered by a heart-shaped eye patch. She also has her sniper ready with bullets on her left pocket.

Entrance Animation

Lesley kicks a grenade and then aims after it. She shoots it using her sniper. This entrance animation is fairly great and better compared to her default and normal skin.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. Her basic attacks and skills are color violet.

The bullet she fires is violet and will also create an animation to the target that gets hit by showing some violet graphics.

Her ultimate skill will also have an indicator on top of its target which is a violet eye.

Overall, the skill effects are still amazing for a Starlight Skin that is cheaper than an Elite Skin.

Have you decided if you will buy the skin or not? If this helps, please do share this skin critique to inform others too.