Mobile Legends New Skin Ling Street Punk Skin Review

The new skin Ling - Street Punk is the March 2020 Starlight exclusive skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.

Skin Model

Ling has his haired cut and colored in a punk style. He also wears a yellow jacket with hood on top of his gray sando. He also wears jogging pants and orange rubber shoes. There is also a red ribbon wrapped around his hips. This skin model is amazing.

Entrance Animation

The entrance animation shows a dancing Ling. He is dancing an example of a street punk dance. Nothing much to describe.

Skill Effects

For his skill effects, the main color used is orange-yellow

His first skill still makes him semi-visible.

When he stabs an enemy using his second skill, his sword emits a light effect that is color orange surrounded in violet color. The light effect shapes like a spear with violet edges and orange handle and body.

His ultimate skill shows an orange animation effect.

Overall, the skill effects are amazing!

This is the best starlight skin of 2020 so far in terms of the combination of model, entrance animation, and skill effects.

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