Mobile Legends New Skin Nana Mecha Baby Skin Review

Guild of Guardians
The new skin Nana - Mecha Baby is a buyable epic skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

Nana wears a mecha suit with pointed ears and wings. Her hair is purple and her eyes are attractive. This skin model is amazing and cute at the same time.

Entrance Animation

The entrance animation is awesome. The level of awesomeness is similar with Lucky Box Exclusive Skins. The skin background is changed, the animation effects is very good. She enters by sky rocketing using her mecha suit.

Skill Effects

For her passive, she will be turned into a cute small girl wearing school uniform-like outfit instead of having a mecha suit.

When she uses first skill, she throws her wings and it flies like a boomerang that glows its path.

When she uses second skill, there will be an animation effect while casting Molina but Molina's appearance is still the same.

If her first skill features her wings, her ultimate skill features her mecha ears. It is the headband part of her mecha suit.

Other great thing with this skin is that Nana is actually flying not simply walking. The wings on this skin model is not just simply a design after all.

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