Mobile Legends New Skin Odette Auspicious Charm - Skin Critique

The new skin Auspicious Charm is a special rarity skin that is released for the Chinese New Year 2020. This is the third special skin of Odette. Do you think this skin is worthy to buy? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

Odette wears a phoenix-red clothing that is very appropriate for the theme. She looks gorgeous in her portrait and the princess-hairstyle suits her. She is still holding a mage wand in her left hand and a sword in her right hand which has color similar to what she wears.

Entrance Animation

Odette enters with fireworks and flowers display. It gives the vibes of a spring festival. Its an amazing animation.

Skill Effects

For her passive, it shows a flower bouncing instead of a musical note of her default skin. The bounce trail is also visible even in smooth graphics.

For her first skill, she casts a blue-winged bird with green tail. It also has black body up to its head and white color on the edges of its wings. This also suits the theme.

For her second skill, she casts a scarlet energy ball and the animation effects for the immobilization is very visible even in smooth graphics.

For her ultimate skill, the outer circle has a design that is chinese new year themed and it looks amazing if there are flowers bouncing all around when her passive is triggered.

Have you decided if you will buy the skin or not? If this helps, please do share this skin critique to inform others too.