Mobile Legends New Skin Wanwan Shoujo Commander Skin Review

The new skin Wanwan - Shoujo Commander is an Elite skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin critique help you.

Skin Model

She wears black crop top commander uniform with gray skirt. She also wears darker gray color high socks and black boots. Her hair color is gray and there is a commander hat on top. She's very cute.

Entrance Animation

Wanwan shoots using her crossbow and then salutes at the end of the animation. A simple yet great entrance animation showcasing a cute Wanwan. It's a cuteness overload.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. Her basic attacks and skills are color blue.

The weakness of a target is also blue.

Overall, the skill effects are still amazing for an Elite Skin

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