Mobile Legends New Skin X.Borg Graffiti Fashion - Skin Review

The new skin X.Borg - Graffiti Fashion is the June 2020 Starlight Exclusive skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.

Skin Model

He wears an armor which is color pink in majority. Underneath the armor, he wears a shirt which the word "MLBB" is written in a graffiti manner. He also wears shoes with the same color as his armor. His hair is color yellow which is covered by a gray cap.

Entrance Animation

X.Borg writes the word "MLBB" and then dances around while spraying paint. At the end of his street dance, splashes of paint rose above from the ground. It was a very colorful and creative entrance animation.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. His basic attacks and skills are colored with a combination of pink and violet.

The bullet he fires is violet along with his skill two. The Firaga supplies are color blue-green. The passive indicators are still the same.

His first skill blasts a combination of pink and violet fire and the same goes with his ultimate skill.

What's good about the color of the skill effects is that it was very emphasized in a way that it is very visible even with low graphics.

Overall, the skill effects are super amazing for a Starlight Skin that is cheaper than an Elite Skin.

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