Mobile Legends New Skin Yu Zhong Biohazard - Skin Review

The new skin Yu Zhong - Biohazard is the December 2020 Starlight Exclusive skin. Do you think this skin is worthy for the diamonds you will spend? Let this skin review help you.

Skin Model

Yu Zhong, in his normal form, wears a Bio-themed armor. In his dragon form, he seems to be a combination of a dragon and a mantis because of the way its hands was designed. His dragon scales are neon green in color just like what majority of his skin model was colored.

Entrance Animation

Screenshot_20201202-122326_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

Yu Zhong enters in his dragon form while circling around before turning back to his normal form. He did a backflip to emphasize his transformation. It ended with him facing front, opposite of the position of his cape which covers his left arm.

Skill Effects

The skill effects are all color-change. His basic attacks and skills are neon-green with a touch of black in color.

His passive indicator turns neon green from every stack. The black part indicates the unfilled part of this indicator. It also has a shadow effect towards the target.

Screenshot_20201202-123127_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

On his skills, one of the best effects is in his second skill. A neon color circle area will appear and he seems summoning a shadow dragon. It is a combination of neon color on top and black effects on the bottom.

Another notable one is his dragon form. Unlike the usual starlight skin effects, this is not just like his normal skin with color change. This is a new design of a dragon. Its head is different along with its hands and it actually has no feet compared to his normal dragon design. The tail also looks awesome.

Screenshot_20201202-123200_Mobile Legends Bang Bang.jpg

What's good about the skill effects is that it is still very emphasized in a way that it is visible even with low graphics but of course it will be enjoyed more in higher graphics.

Overall, the skill effects are amazing for a Starlight Skin that is cheaper than an Elite Skin.

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