Mobile Legends new Zilong item build: Quick guide on the current two best playstyles for Zilong

Zilong is the featured hero in this 2024 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game Lunar New Year celebration. This also encourages players to test out how Zilong currently fares in the metagame. Zilong is a fighter hero known for his basic attacks’ high damage-per-second (DPS). This makes him easy to push turrets and clear the lanes. But on the other hand, he is not naturally tanky and relies on lifesteal to sustain his health back. Thus, when he is not able to deal damage to lifesteal with, he won’t last long in teamfights. The current metagame has been friendly though with these basic attack reliant fighter heroes because of the recent hero and battlefield adjustments. Here are the two current best playstyles for Zilong along with the item build recommendation


The first playstyle is to play him like a hit-and-run type of hero. He tends to go with a crit build consisting of Berserker’s Fury, Windtalker, and the new item: Great Dragon Spear. Zilong initiates his combo by using his ultimate skill to proc Great Dragon Spear while having decent movement speed and attack speed from Windtalker. The damage then comes from Berserker’s Fury and the critical damage plus critical rate stats of these three items synergizes well. With this build, a lone enemy hero would burst from the critical hits while Zilong has the ability to run reposition in case back-ups are coming up to revenge.


The second playstyle is to abuse his high DPS potential by being able to clear lanes fast. This playstyle is paired with an attack speed build. Core items would be Corrosion Scythe along with the Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff combo. This helps Zilong to also be able to deal more damage against tankier heroes because of the Demon Hunter Sword. In either build, the usual movement speed item used is Swift boots. After these four items, it is up to the player to go full on damage or add the defense items. Zilong is a versatile hero in terms of it being able to played in various game styles. It is also designed to be a beginner-friendly hero and the way to play it is customizable on the comfort or strength of the user.

Feel free to mull over with these ideas while forming thoughts about the information provided. Tune in for more news, guides, and updates!