Mobile Legends NEXT Patch Updates - Patch Notes 1.8.92 Original Server Preview

The June 2024 Project NEXT Update of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game has been officially set to be released in the upcoming week. The update will be implemented in the game’s original server globally via Patch Notes 1.8.92. The game’s advanced server also just wrapped up the adjustments in preparation of the global implementation of the changes in the game’s official server. The update will include not only hero adjustments but also battlefield adjustments which includes the game’s overall visuals of the battle map. The game posted an official preview in their official YouTube channel and here are some sneak peeks on what’s about to come in this huge Project NEXT Update.


The preview didn’t go into full detail on the hero and item changes and the aim might be to highlight the other huge upcoming changes to the game rather than the competitive aspects of the game. Ling, Yin, and Yu Zhong are announced to receive visual revamps. This is in line with the Cadia Riverlands overhaul as even the upcoming hero Zhuxin is from this game’s region based on the lore. Speaking of Zhuxin, the game also teased an immersive story experience with her as there were interactive chats shown in the preview.


The battlefield map also received a visual upgrade just like some of the heroes. One of the specific elements of the battlefield that was shown in the preview is the Cyclone Eye. There is now a clearer indicator of it which is quite a huge visual upgrade. There was a “before and after” side-by-side comparison shown in the preview that highlights the visuals of the pre-update Cyclone Eye. It seems barely noticeable before so that could have a metagame impact too as some players aren't really that attentive especially the casual players in classic or ranked games.

Here is the official preview of the upcoming Project NEXT Update Patch 1.8.92:

The update is scheduled to be implemented on June 19, 2024, MLBB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). The upcoming hero Zhuxin will then follow several days after but some details about her should be available in the game’s patch notes. Check out the actual content and visuals once this huge Project NEXT Update comes online on that scheduled date in-game.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!