Mobile Legends November 2020 MLBB Esports Events


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Jul 7, 2019
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Here are the MLBB Esports Events coming in November! Wanna get closer to your favorite players? Watch exciting tournaments in the first place? Or you want to organize a tournament of your own? Click the Esports button in game for the latest information!

With the growth of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang , more and more people are joining MLBB family and organizing Esports events. With respect we welcome all the MLBBers organize their own event to spread the spirit of Esports. The tournaments in the blue bracket are supported by E-Project under authorization of Moonton. However, there are some organizers organize non-official tournaments without our authorization. We want to remind our players protecting your own interests during all the events.

In 2020, we will continue to launch Esports For Everyone Project, and there will be a strict process interms of authorization. If you want to know more information about E-project, please visit here: