Mobile Legends November 2021 Grand Collection Skin - Lesley Falcon Mistress

Lesley after receiving a buff will now dress up with the new grand collection skin, Falcon Mistress. The video trailer was posted in the official ML:BB YouTube channel. Here are the details about this upcoming skin.


Lesley - Falcon Mistress features Lesley wearing a majestic imperial gunner outfit. Her sniper also received a great visual revamp to suit with the theme of this skin. Since this is a grand collection skin, this will also have an exclusive entrance animation and background which were also shown in the video trailer.


For the skill effects, even her non-ultimate skills received a great visual improvement. Her skill 1 has a more visible outer border which would also be a great indicator on how long her range can be. Her skill 2 also has a skill effect that will really intimidate enemies. Even though it is very visible, the enemy won't have enough time to react anyways because of the fast skill cast. Her ultimate skill also showcased the majestic theme of this skin. There were also great splash effects even in her basic attacks.


Here is the official trailer of this skin:

Expect this skin to come soon in the Land of Dawn. There was no specific date of release mentioned in the trailer but this skin will definitely be in-game within the month of November 2021.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!