Mobile Legends November 2021 Starlight Skin - Vale Soaring Devata

Vale's fourth skin is coming to the Land of Dawn as a Starlight Skin. A teaser was already released on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s YouTube channel. Here are the details for the November 2021 Starlight.


In this skin, Vale is shown wearing green robes while the tattoos on his chest are still visible. His hair is color white and he also has jewelries in some parts of his body. The entrance animation of this is also very well done. This has one of the best entrance animation for a Starlight Skin.


In terms of skill effects, the color of his skills was changed to match the visuals of his skin model. In his skills, aside from the winds, there are also now some earth fragments noticeable to be seen everytime he casts his active skills. For his ultimate skill, a green circle border will appear as the skill is active before the duration ends which is indicated by an explosion.


Other rewards included in the starlight membership rewards are Vale's Sacred Statue and Battle Emote with the same theme of this skin which can be claimed by purchasing and finishing tasks in the Starlight pass.

Here is the video trailer:

This skin will be available via Starlight Membership Purchase on November 1, 2021 ML:BB Server Time.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!