Mobile Legends November 2022 Grand Collector skin - Cecilion Crimson Wings skin preview

The monthly Grand Collection Event in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is coming up! For the month of November 2022, the exclusive collector skin will be Cecilion - Crimson Wings. The preview of this skin is posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel.


In this skin, Cecilion is wearing an open V-neck blouse that highlights his masculinity. His hair is a light golden in color. His cape also has a great design while his weapon is also remodeled. Just like the recent collector skins, Crimson Wings also has its own background for the entrance animation.


His skill 2, Sanguine Claws, is the main highlight of this skin's skill effects. Crimson red claws will appear from the ground to pull the targets toward the center. His other skill effects are also shown in the preview just like the splash effects of his skill 1 and Bats Feast's (ultimate skill) animation as he casts this skills until it hits the target and maximize its duration.


Here is the official preview of Crimson Wings skin:

This skin will be available in-game on November 6, 2022, ML:BB Server Time. Similar with the previous collector skins, this skin is also expected to be part of the Grand Collection Event. It can be either found in Events tab or Shop tab in-game and a shortcut icon in the main screen might also be available.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!