Mobile Legends November Starlight Pass features Popol and Kupa new skins

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang officially leaks its upcoming Starlight Pass for next month. Through the official leak, Popol and Kupa were showcased as the next hero who will get a new Starlight skin. More details were showcased in the leak like new skins, emotes, and many rewards that players can enjoy.

popol and kupa.png

For the new Starlight Pass skin, the marksman hero Popol and Kupa will be receiving the “Troublemaker” skin.

Like always, once players have purchased the Starlight Pass, they will be allowed to choose one out of the five featured Starlight Pass skins, including Popol and Kupa’s Troublemaker skin. The following are the featured skins:
  • Popol and Kupa’s “Troublemakers” skin
  • Martis’s “Searing Maw” skin
  • Fanny’s “Royal Cavalry” skin
  • Khufra’s “Dreadful Clown” skin
  • Lou Yi’s “Siren Priestess” skin

As part of the Starlight Pass reward, players will receive a limited sacred statue of Popol and Kupa. Also, purchasing the Starlight Pass will get you a painted skin for the Scream Doll skin of Angela. However, before using this skin, you must own the original first. A battle emote will be given as well.

Aside from the mentioned rewards above, there are more benefits to being a Starlight member and these are:

starlight member privileges.png