Mobile Legends October 2021 Collector Skin - Dream Caster Harley New Skin Trailer Details

Another skin was teased on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s YouTube channel, and this time, it's for the October 2021 Exclusive Collector Skin. The name of the skin is Harley - Dream Caster. Here are the features of this skin.


With this skin, Harley becomes a divine being that has the power to manipulate time and space. He is now wearing a magnificent robe and a crown.

His magical staff also has a new look along with the changes of his hairstyle. Both his hair and his staff are illuminating. Overall, the design is great and the skin model is also remarkable.


For the skill effects, his first skill, Poker Trick, lets him shoot purple stars that is diamond in shape. His blink skill, Space Escape, highlights his crown instead of the usual hat.


Finally, his ultimate skill, Deadly Magic, makes him cast a purple clock around the target. The splash effects of his skill combo is also a great sight to see.

Here is the official trailer:

There was no exact release date mentioned in the trailer but this is guaranteed to arrive in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game shop soon.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!