Mobile Legends October 2022 Official Calendar for Skin Release - ML: BB X Star Wars are coming back!

The official skin release poster in the official Facebook page of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang reveals some, if not all, of the possible skin release for October 2022. Unlike in the previous posters, all skins had some visuals revealed and this also includes the new skins for this month. Here are the skins listed in the official skin release poster.


The first one is the October 2022 Starlight skin of Eudora. It will be available all throughout the month of October. Next are the two Exorcists skin of Kagura and Yu Zhong. Along with them in the first row is Bane's Epic skin and Cyclops' Halloween skin.

In the second row, the annual encore of monthly Zodiac skin continues as Helcurt's zodiac skin is coming back for its cycle this October. Then, there are two collaborations that will be active for this month. The first one will be the return of ML:BB X Star Wars collaboration. It is expected that the skins from this collaboration of Alucard, Argus, Cyclops, and Kimmy will be obtainable again for a limited-time. There is also a new upcoming collaboration revealed which is the collaboration with Saint Seiya. There will be skins for the three heroes: Chou, Badang, and Valir.


There is also a small note in the upper part of the poster that disclaims the certainty of the skin release. The information in the poster is still subject to change. It means that some of the skins here might not be released during October 2022 and/or there might be some more skins to come. Wait for the official announcements in the social media platforms of ML:BB.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!