Mobile Legends October 2022 Starlight Preview - Eudora Cosmic Voyage skin and other exclusive rewards

Guild of Guardians
The futuristic theme of skins continues in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as the mage hero Eudora will have a new skin as the October 2022 exclusive starlight skin. A preview of this skin and the other rewards of October 2022 Starlight members are featured in the video posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel. Moonton gives a sneak peak on what's yet to come and here are some details about the October 2022 Starlight Perks.


Cosmic Voyage will be the 6th skin of Eudora. This skin is upgraded to 2022 standards and thus even as a Starlight skin, this is on par with her higher rarity skins like Emerald Enchantress. This skin will be added in her collection that also includes Flame Red Lips, Christmas Carnival, Vivo Selfie Goddess, and Countess Scarlet. In this skin, she is wearing a black bodysuit with a white robe on top. Not only the skin model but also the skill effects of this skin is on par with higher rarity skin knowing that this is a Starlight exclusive skin rarity type.


The main color of her skill effects is purple as shown by the lightning she casts with her skill 1 and the purple energy ball with her skill 2. The main highlight of the skill effect is the ultimate skill that has additional animation especially when combined with her other skills. She will summon a drone instead of a thundercloud to cast purple lightning.


The starlight members will also given a chance to choose a different starlight skin reward for this month instead of Eudora - Cosmic Voyage. The October 2022 starlight pool will also have Kaja - Kaminari, Benedetta - Street Blow, Moskov - Snake Eye Commander, and Sun - Simian Curse. The starlight pass will also have exclusive rewards like the Recolor of Lolita - Impish Trickster Lolita, the Cosmic Voyage Eudora battle emote, and a Karina sacred statue.

Here is the official preview video of October 2022 Starlight perks:

The Starlight skin Eudora - Cosmic Voyage is expected to be in-game on October 1, 2022, ML:BB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). Check out the actual contents in-game as soon as the new starlight pass arrives in the Land of Dawn. The patch note in-game that can be found in the player's mail also contains some information not only about Starlight but along with other events and upcoming rewards.

Stay tuned for more news and update!