Mobile Legends October Update, Fortnite Season 6, Bowsette, Rohan Mobile and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Mobile Legends October Update and Conflicts of Dawn Event Breakdown, Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass, Monster Hunter Stories, Bowsette, Rohan Mobile, Dragalia Lost and Ps4 Crossplay

Monster Hunter Stories
  • Monster Hunter Fans rejoice because Monster Hunter Stories is now available on Android and iOS
  • To those who don't know Monster Hunter Stories is a RPG spin off the monster hunter which was initially released on the 3DS
  • The mobile version includes some graphics tweaks with new user interface specific for mobile users
  • Monster Hunter Stories also includes an auto save feature however the StreetPass and amibo functions are not included
  • If you are interested the game is now out on mobile
  • Unfortunately the game isn't free as it will cost you around 1k php

Rohan Mobile
  • Do you remember the MMORpg Rohan Online?
  • Well the Japanese publisher guru entertainment inc announced Rohan Mobile
  • which will be based on the PC version
  • Rohan Mobile is currently being developed by a Korean Studio NX3 games
  • and there is no current release date for the game but its stated that more details like website will be revealed soon
  • sa dami ng nilalabas na mmo sa android pwede na kame gumawa ng top 10 haha

Pokemon Lets Go
  • Over a few days a weird new pokemon began appearing on Pokemon Go
  • and the thing is you can't even catch it
  • But recently in a Pokemon Let's Go trailer the new creature has been introduced as a mythical pokemon called Meltan
  • The new Pokemon is a steel type with electric based attack that has a liquid body and a weird hex nut as a head

Ps4 Crossplay
  • Good news because recently Sony has finally allowed crossplay on their console PlayStation 4 and its starting with Fortnite
  • So what is crossplay?
  • Crossplay is a term used to describe the ability for a video game with online mechanics to play with other platforms
  • for example you can play with your friends on Android and PC - vice versa
  • so If you haven't been following the news lately here is the summary
  • Sony refuses to allow crossplay to their console limiting users to play with their friends on xbox, switch and pc
  • They even started to lock epic games account to Playstation only meaning if you login your epic account on the psn network you won't be able to use it on PC or other platforms
  • so no choice but to create a new account
  • Because of this many gamers got pissed and angry with Sony’s decision citing they are no longer for the gamers but more on personal gain since they have the most console sale in this generation
  • if you think about it business wise it's good for their console but bad for gamers
  • but recently Sony reversed this, stating crossplay is now in Open beta
  • which currently allows you to play with Fortnite friends on other platform
  • with this we can hope more games in the future to support more crossplay
  • because in reality this is the future in gaming

Dragalia Lost
  • A new mobile Gacha game from Nintendo called Dragalia Lost is now available for download
  • Dragalia Lost is a Swipe controlled action RPG where you fight group of enemies, earning xp, unlocking new characters, and ofcourse getting new dragons
  • The game will features 60 different characters and 40 dragons across the game
  • One the most notable features in Dragalia Lost is that it incorporates a real-time cooperative play with 3 friends
  • and based from typical Gacha games, is that it has a auto play called action to play which automatically plays the characters to grind dungeons
  • So if you are interested its free on android and ios, not that the game might not be available in some regions or not compatible with some devices

Fortnite Season 6 Battle Pass
  • Fornite’s Season 6 Battle Pass has been revealed and here the things you should know before buying
  • The new Battle Pass can be purchased for 950 vbuck which will allow you to access 100 tiers of rewards and skins
  • If you purchased the battle pass you are automatically given the new skin calamity and dj yander
  • There is also a free version with different rewards so you don't have to pay and still earn in game items
  • this is transferable in case you wanted to upgrade in the paid version in the future
  • Do note that this Fornite’s Season 6 Battle Pass will last for about 11 weeks
  • the new season will also introduce shadow stones a new consumable that can be found in the map
  • The map changed as well with new floating islands, crops growing, and storms approaching
  • But the biggest surprise are the Pets, which epic says “a friend watching your back when you drop in”
  • So what do you think on the updates are you ready for Fornite’s Season 6 Battle Pass? let us know in the comments

  • After the recent trailer of Super Smash Bros Trailer for the Nintendo Switch which shows Toadette transforming into a princess peach character with the use the Super Crown
  • then a Twitter user called “ayyk92” created a comic strip showing mario and bowser getting rejected by princess peach
  • bowser then used the Super Crown to transform in attempt to make Peach jealous
  • and with this the internet fandom went crazy and thus a new character Bowsette was born
  • the fanmade design keeps on coming, as well as nsfw content so kids beware
  • So what do you think should nintendo make this character official? let us know in the comments

Mobile Legends October Update and Conflicts of Dawn Event Breakdown
  • Mobile Legends Conflicts of Dawn Event has started so here are the things you need to know as well as the new here coming on October
  • First, let's start with Conflicts of Dawn
  • Basically, you will have to take a side Moniyan for the path of light or Dark Abyss for the path of darkness
  • Note that once you chose a side you can never change it - so walang balimbing
  • once you chose you side you will receive an avatar border however only the winning faction can retain the border permanently
  • So how will you contribute on your side? well, of course, play daily to earn points that you can use to support your faction by selecting a lane to distribute the point from winning matches
  • Then to reward your contributions to the war you can earn war medals this can be obtained from daily event tasks also note that players from the winning side will get additional war medals
  • This war medals can be used to exchanged items, skins and other rewards
  • So what team pinili mo comment sa baba kung #moniyan or #darkabbyss
  • As for new skins
  • Alice will get a new skin called the Divine Owl
  • while Natalia will receive the Midnight Raven this will be available on October 11
  • And finally, for the upcoming heroes, Hell Knight Leomord and Splat Queen Kimmy will be available on October 3
  • So this are the changes and upcoming updates what do you think?