Mobile Legends Odd Potion Guide - Prevention Against A Troll Jawhead Teammate

Odd potion is a potion introduced in the game when trolling using Jawhead became popular. Jawhead can use his second skill to throw not only enemies but also allies. That is why, some players are using Jawhead just to troll their teammates. Odd potion is needed to be immune to Jawhead's Second Skill.

Odd potion $0

Unique Passive - Purchase this item to be immune when inflicted by an allied Jawhead

Odd potion can be found on the Magic section of the item shop.

This item is free and can be bought as soon as the game starts. The description is clear that this item holder can only be immuned to ally Jawhead not if the enemy is Jawhead. That means an enemy Jawhead can still use its second skill to displace the hero.

This item has no duration. It means that it will be effective all throughout the game and you don't need to buy again and again.

This item is not only used to avoid being trolled by a Jawhead teammate. It can also be strategically used to prevent a teammate to mistakenly throw you onto the enemy.

In professional tournaments, Odd potion is used by core heroes while tanks will not purchase this item. The reason is that Jawhead can throw the tank so that the tank can easily initiate a team fight with a good set-up.

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pero kakainis yung mga kakamping takot mag initiate tas bibili ng odd potion tas hindi mo matulungan pag tumatakas kayo. hays, karma is real