Mobile Legends Odette Create Skin Design Winner - Sage of the Currents now available and discounted in-game

Guild of Guardians
A new skin for Revamped Odette is finally here! The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game just recently released a skin for the mage hero, Odette, in which the design is based on the winner of their CREATE project, a contest event opened to the players. Odette - Sage of the Currents is the third skin design contest "Best Design" winner. A video teaser of this skin was also already posted in the official YouTube channel of MLBB but the actual contents and skill effects are also already available in-game.


Odette - Sage of the Currents is tagged as a CREATE skin, a skin rarity on par with Epic skins. This skin is her seventh skin that would join her skin collection along with Auspicious Charm, Black Swan, Butterfly Goddess, Christmas Carnival, Mermaid Princess, and Virgo. She is wearing a dark blue dress with some white color for the contrast. Her staff and sword also has a new look where those weapons now have blue and gold colorings.


For the Sage of the Current skill effects, her skill 1, Avian Authority, makes her summon a bluish white dove and cast it toward her target. Her skill 2, Blue Nova, makes her staff unleash a water ball that will immobilize targets. Lastly, her ultimate skill, Swan Song, has this interesting detail where an orange sphere seems to appear on top of her that will cast waves of water and form a whirlwind.

Here is the official preview of this skin:

Odette - Sage of the Currents is available in the in-game shop with an original price of 899 diamonda but will be discounted until the end of the month May 2023 up to 56% in which players can buy it for as low as 400 diamonds. What's written in the patch note might also be conflicting in the current description of this skin release in-game as some changes might have been made. There is expected to be announcements from Moonton in case there will be some problem like about the skin discounted price and other purchasing issues.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!