Mobile Legends Odette Guide


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May 1, 2019
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Ang adjustment kay Odette sa Advance Server ay ang damage reduction ng Ult niya. From 30% ginawang 60%.

Para sa akin, hindi sapat iyon. Madali lang kasi pigilan ang ult niya. Just hit her with a disabling skill (CC) and hindi mo na mararamdaman ang ult niya.

Pero since may Zodiac Skin siyang paparating, baka i-buff pa siya sa mga susunod na updates


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May 1, 2019
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Odette Guide (after the 60% damage reduction buff) Before Patch 1.3.80, Odette is the worst mage to use in Top Tier Rankings. It is according also to the Season 12 Mythic 300+ Star Players. She is weak in jungling. She shines only in harassing enemies in laning.

Her ult is also very easy to stop. Just have a disabler in your team and Odette's Ult would be useless.

~~~Skills Analysis

Lakeshore Ambience (Passive)

After casting a skill, Odette's Basic Attack or Skill will also cast a sound wave that rebounds between enemies dealing 144~200(+50% Magic Power) points of magic damage.

~This is why she is good in poking enemies

First Skill: Avian Authority
CD: 8s
Mana: 90
Concentrates energy to summon a swan to attack the enemy, dealing 250 (+150% Magic Power) points of magic damage and reducing their movement by 70% for 2 seconds.

~This is your main wave clear skill. I want to emphasize the Slow Effect of this skill too.

2nd Skill: Blue Nova

CD: 11s Mana: 90

Fires a magic energy ball forward, will deal magic damage to enemies hit and binding them for 1 second. After the ball has reached either it’s maximum range or hits a target, two extra energy balls will strike out to the sides, dealing 200 (+80% Magic Power) points of magical power damage and binding them for 1 second.

~This skill separates an Odette User from a non-Odette User. If you mastered hitting multiple targets with this skill, it will help you a lot. This skill is not for damage but for immobilizing enemies preventing escape or getting near you.

3rd Skill: Swan Song (Ultimate)
CD: 50s
Mana: 200

Chants a song that summons an energy field to cause continuous damage, each time dealing 240 (+120% Magic Power) damage to enemies within the area. The field also increases sound waves’ rebounding speed and times. Damage taken while Odette’s casting this skill will be reduced by 60%. The field slows down enemies in it enormously for 2s at the beginning, then slow effect decays gradually.

~Previously, it was only 200 instead of 240 and 30% instead of 60%.

This skill lasts 5 seconds and deals damage every 0.5 second.

~This is a counterpart of Guinevere's Ult. If Guinevere's Ult is immune to CC but very vulnerable to damage, Odette's Ult is very prone to CC but has some immunity in damage. This is the weakness and the strength of Odette. You cannot move while using this skill or else it will be cancelled. You can only move by using the spell Flicker.

Skill Combos

1) 1st skill plus basic attack (for clearing minions)
2) 2nd skill plus 1st skill plus basic attackSss (1v1)
3) 1st skill plus 2nd skill plus Ultimate plus basic attackSss (for clash)
4) 1st skill plus 2nd skill plus basic attack plus 1st skill ( I call this the Prelude Combo)
5) Ultimate plus 2nd skill plus 1st skill plus basic attackSss (I call this one the Swan Song Combo)

Skill Leveling

Prioritize Skill 1 over Skill 2.



I recommend Mage Emblem. Talent depends on your playstyle.

Tier 1: Flow (Magic Power +12)
Tier 2: Catastrophe (Magic Power +5%)

Mystery Shop for early game domination through purchasing items faster
Magic Worship for your ult (do not use if enemies has a lot of CC)
Impure Rage for Early Game Mana Sustain and Small increase in the damage of your skills


Flicker - in order to reposition yourself while using ult. This is also your only blink skill.

Purify - to be immune to CC effects. Effective also when you are using your ult.

Item Recommendations

Arcane Boots - This much cheaper boots (740 to 690) gives +15 Magic PEN which denies the 10 to 15 Magic Resistance of the enemy early game.

Clock of Destiny and Lightning Truncheon - The combination of this two items will be the main source of your damage.

Odette has 495 base mana. Lightning Truncheon gives 300 mana. Clock of Destiny gives 600 mana. At full stack, gives 300 more mana. A total of 1695 mana.

Every 6 seconds, you can inflict 1695 damage.

Dominance Ice also amplifies the damage of Lightning Truncheon. This item gives 500 mana. The passive of this item is also perfect for Odette. It lowers the attack speed and movement speed of nearby enemies. The range of Dominance Ice is a bit smaller than the range of your ult.

Holy Crystal is another burst magic item. This do not amplify the damage of Lightning Truncheon but this gives pure magic power to deal high magic damage.

Divine Glaive is also a recommended item so that you will deal higher damage to tanks that build Magic Resistance Items.

Fleeting time can also be a core item to Odette so that she can spam her ult.

Necklace of Durance is a situational item that you must use against the likes of Esmeralda, Thamuz, Uranus, and other high HP Regen heroes.

Concentrated Energy can also be built on her for HP sustain.

My 3 build sets:

Fleeting Time Build

Arcane Boots
Fleeting Time
Holy Crystal
Lightning Truncheon
Divine Glaive

Lollipop Build

Arcane Boots
Clock of Destiny
Lightning Truncheon
Dominance Ice
Holy Crystal
Divine Glaive

Necklace of Durance Build

Arcane Boots
Clock of Destiny
Lightning Truncheon
Necklace of Durance
Dominance Ice
Holy Crystal


Early Game

You have to be with a teammate because it is hard to jungle alone. If you are a solo laner, your leveling up will be delayed because you can only manage to clear waves. You may get the buff but you can only do that when you have your ult. Use your ult to kill the buff quickly.


Just join in teamfights and laning. Don't jungle alone. Make sure that you will be involve in every teamfight but do not initiate a teamfight if your are down in terms of XP and Gold.

Clear lanes because that is the only way for you to get golds and XP faster.

Late Game

You are not that good in late game to be honest. Teamfights will be harder. Learn when to use your ult. Analyze the situation. Wait for the moment that your opponents will use their CC so that you can use ult safely.

~~~Tips and Tricks

1. Have at least a stack from your passive before you cast your ult so that you can deal higher damage.

2. Always use your ult to get buffs faster. If you can't use it in teamfights, better utilize it in jungling.

3. Be aggressive early game since Odette has a very high poking capacity because of her passive. Just don't overextend or be over aggressive. Assassins can still kill you early game.

4. Johnson is one of your best teammate. You may find a Johnson user and play together.

5. Always keep in mind that the enemies will try to kill you first. Prepare your second skill to delay enemies trying to reach you. Find the safest position in teamfights. You will master Odette through Experience.