Mobile Legends Official Leak December 2021 Skins - New Christmas Skin and S22 exclusive skin teased!

The official Facebook page of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang posted a visual poster showing the skins that will be release for the whole month of December 2021. There are 10 skins in this teaser including the Zodiac Skin of Martis and the new hero. Here are the details!


The arrangement of the skins in the teaser seems to be the order of the date of the skin release starting from left to right then top to bottom. The first skin is Brody's Starlight skin followed by Nana's Collector Skin. The next four skins are still hidden but the hero and skin type were written.


First, there will be an Abyss type of Skin for Selena. Next, Granger's Special skin will be released. Then, there's the Christmas skin for Rafaela. It seems that this is not necessarily to be released on Christmas day but might be released days before December 25. Karrie will also have an upcoming Elite skin.


Granger's Legend skin and Martis' Zodiac skin are already both revealed in the teaser. Then, the new hero Phylax will of course have a default and basic skin upon release. Lastly, the Season 22 Exclusive Skin will be a Terizla skin. This also suggests that the end of Season 22 will be in this month.

It is also noted that the order of release and the skins themselves are subject to change. Some of this skins might be postponed for release or there might be additional skins to be launched this month.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!