Mobile Legends Official Skin Teaser for July 2022 Release - Hints MLBB X Star Wars Collab return

The regular skin teaser released in the official Facebook page of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now posted for the July 2022 Release. There are 10 visuals in this month's teaser and it includes a hint of the return of ML:BB X Star Wars Collab along with probably a new skin. Some visuals are already revealed while some are hidden but the name of the heroes and skin rarity or type are given already and here are the details.


The revealed visuals are for the likes of Nana's Starlight, Luo Yi's collector, and the returning skins of a Pharsa special skin, Lesley's Legend skin, Summer skins of Guinevere and Zilong, and Badang's Zodiac skin. What's still unrevealed are the visuals for the Aamon's Elite skin and Yi Sun Shin's Epic skin. Meanwhile, the ML: BB X Star Wars tease only shows the default skin of Kimmy.


About the release dates of these skins, it was not included in the poster but some are already mentioned in the previous original server patch note update. Yi Sun Shin's upcoming skin is coming this July 23, 2022. This date is tentative and might still change. The name of the skin will be Fleet Warden and might be a buyable epic skin that has a price of 899 diamonds in the Shop. It may also be discounted in its launch week with 30% OFF.

The patch note also already revealed that the August 2022 starlight skin would be for Natan and the collector skin would be for Sun. The visuals of these two skins might be revealed for the next month's teaser. The information given in the patch notes and in the official skin tease poster can still change so wait for further announcements from Moonton.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!