Mobile Legends Official Teaser for the June 2022 Skin Release - Hints another Project NEXT phase

The regular monthly skin release preview that is usually posted in the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page is now released for the month of June 2022. In this month's skin teaser, there are four skins revealed in the poster while some are still hidden. Here are some of the skins that will be released this June 2022.


The arrangement of the skins in the poster seems to hint the order of date of release of the skins, starting from the first row. But in each row, the order is unclear. The first skin revealed in the poster is Tigreal's Starlight skin. It was already released along with the monthly starlight pass which can be found at the Starlight Tab in-game.


Another skin in the first row of the poster that has its visuals revealed is Esmeralda's Collector Skin. This may or may not be released after Pharsa's MSC 2022 skin. There are also skins to be revamped like Vexana's Epic skin but since this is in the second row, it suggests that it might be released on the second half of June 2022. There might be an original server patch note to be applied so that these revamps will be implemented and detailed. The exact date of release is still unknown but will probably be on the second half of June 2022. The summer skins of Kagura and Hayabusa are also expected to be revamped.

Next is the recurring skin which is Zhask's Zodiac that is made available every June. There is another row at the bottom-most which includes the hero Vexana, Faramis, and Leomord. The teaser suggests that this seems to be revamped in an upcoming Project NEXT Phase.


There will also be an upcoming Selena Elite skin and there will be no upcoming hero since no default skin is teased. There are also more skins expected to come that was teased in the poster. It seems there will be a new skin for Moskov, as part of the Abyss Skin Series. The Season 24 skin is also revealed to be a skin of the hero, Grock.

The poster also has a disclaimer that this is still subject to change. Their date of released might still be postponed due to some reasons. This just sums up what to expect for the month of June 2022.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!