Mobile Legends Official Teaser for Upcoming Skins this September 2021 - Gord will get the Season 21 Skin

In their official Facebook Page, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang posted a picture of the skins to be released this September 2021. It includes the teaser for the Season 21 Exclusive Skin along with other skins with different rarities.


The heroes that will receive their respective skins are already named in the teaser. Most of the skin's visual though are still not revealed. The only ones that were revealed are the Pharsa's Starlight Skin, Aldous' Collector Skin, Miya's 5th Anniversary Skin, and Lunox' Zodiac Skin.

The arrangement of the skins in the teaser might also indicate the order of their release starting from top to bottom. Pharsa's Starlight Skin was released first, then Aldous' Collector Skin, and the next one might be Beatrix' Elite Skin.


Before Miya's skin, Uranus' Epic skin might be released first too. Then afterwards, the upcoming hero, Floryn, will also have her basic skin aside from her default skin. Paquito will get a special skin.

For the Season 21 Exclusive Skin, it will be a Gord's skin. It will be released at the end of Season 21. Then afterwards, Alpha's Hero Skin will be released. Those are the ten skins featured in the teaser.


The four soon-to-be revamped heroes and their new visuals was also featured in the teaser. Hayabusa, Kagura, Odette, and Lancelot will receive model revamps including some, if noy all, of their skins.

The teaser has a disclaimer that it is still subject to change. There might be more skins to be released or some skins here might not still be released.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!