Mobile Legends Overall Top Heroes in M4 - Wanwan, the only hero that appeared in all games

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang M4 World Championship concluded after its Group Stage and Knockout Stage. In terms of hero appearance statistics, heroes like Wanwan, Joy, and Karrie were picked or banned in all of the games. After the knockout stage, the trend changed a bit as team drafts began adjusting for the longer match series. Here are some interesting hero appearance statistics in the M4 Tournament.


1. Wanwan ended up as the only hero with a 100% appearance rate

Wanwan is picked or banned in every of the 102 recorded games in the M4 World Championship. Out of those 102 games, it was banned 93 times and all in the 1st phase. Whenever it was picked, it is also all in the 1st phase. It won two-thirds of its total 9 games that it was picked.


2. Karrie appeared in all games except for one

Karrie was picked 50 times which is one of the two most picked heroes in M4. The other one is Fredrinn but unlike Fredrinn, Karrie was also banned 51 times. Karrie ended up with 56% win rate while Fredrinn has a win rate of 54%. Fredrinn has appeared in 75 games as it was banned 25 times.


3. Joy's appearance rate dropped in the Knockout Stage

Gloo and Yve overtaken Joy in the appearance rate. Joy and Gloo ended up with 50% win rate, with Gloo being picked more. Yve appeared in 97 games and out of those games, she was picked 48 times and garnered a 52.08% win rate.


4. Kaja is tied with Wanwan in terms of win rate

Kaja is ranked 6th in terms of pick plus ban rate as it appeared in 91 games. It was picked in exactly 30 games and won 20 of them to end up with one of the highest win rate among top appearing heroes. It means that even though it is a very impactful hero in the game, it is more of draft reliant unlike Wanwan that can be slapped on every team composition.


5. Gusion only appeared in the Grand Finals

Gusion was neither picked nor banned until the Grand Finals. When the eventual champion, ECHO Philippines, picked Gusion, it won the game. Thus, Gusion ended up with 1 appearance in M4 with a 100% win rate.

Out of the current 118 heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a total of 76 heroes appeared in M4 with a total unique heroes pick of 72. It means that 4 heroes were only banned but not pick which are Valir, Bruno, Minsitthar, and Roger. They were all banned once but never got picked.

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