Mobile Legends Paquito - The Heavenly Fist


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Jul 7, 2019
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Paquito, the Heavenly Fist, will be available for a free trial for a limited time on Advanced Server.

Unavailable for purchase.

Hero Feature: A firm and righteous champion.

Skill 1 - Parry:

Paquito can Parry for a while, reducing his damage taken and increasing Movement Speed [Use Again]: Paquito throws forth a heavy blow, dealing Physical Damage. [Champ Stance] Enhanced Lengthens the duration of Parry and increases damage reduction, Paquito launches a hook afterward that deals higher damage.

Skill 2 - Jab:

Paquito dashes forth and throws a jab, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies within area of effect. [Champ Stance] Enhanced: Gives Paquito's jab even more striking force, dealing higher Physical Damage to enemies within area of effect.

Ultimate - Annihilation Strike:

Paquito launches an elbow strike to all enemies in 'front, dealing Physical Damage and pushing them to the destination. He then swings a haymaker at rapid speed, dealing Physical Damage and slowing targets, as he darts back. [Champ Stance] Enhanced: Having pushed enemies to the destination, Paquito launches an uppercut, dealing Physical Damage and knocking his enemies airborne instead of slowing them.

Passive - Champ Stance:

Paquito builds stacks when damaging enemies with his Basic Attacks or casting skills. Once 4 stacks have been reached, he enters [Champ Stance]: enhancing Paquito's next skill and skipping its cooldown. Paquito excels in his technique and has a higher Base Attack Speed.



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Dec 5, 2020
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Kyla keith
Kung gusto nyo malaman kung malakas sya pwes panoorin nyo tong laro ni CHoox tv gamit And bagong HERO na si PAQUITO