Mobile Legends Paquito Underground Boxer New Skin Details

There is a teaser on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s YouTube channel about Paquito having a new skin. Here are the details about Paquito - Underground Boxer based on the trailer.


Paquito is wearing yellow pants with a metal belt wrapped around it in this skin. His boxing gloves also has metal paddings. The color of his boxing gloves is red which is the common color for boxing gloves and is also a primary color just like yellow, which is the color of his pants.


For the skill effects of this skin, his attacks now radiates an orange splash effect. His shield from his skill is also color orange. Even the trails that he leaves every time he uses a skill is color orange.


The concept on the coloration of this skin is great as orange is a combination of yellow and red which are both part of his skin model. The colors also fit with the theme of this skin and to Paquito overall.

Here is the official video trailer:

Expect this skin to come in-game soon. This can be found at the skin shop, discounted as usual in its launch week.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!