Mobile Legends Party Box 515 Event - Join to get a guaranteed free elite skin!

As part of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang annual 515 event, Party Box is back to reward players with free skins! This Party Box event will start on May 11, 2021 until May 20, 2021 server time. There will be a guaranteed free Elite skin and super-value Twilight Tickets! Read further for other details.


Players can complete tasks to obtain tickets. The tickets can be used to get guaranteed free skins and also completing more tasks means more skins and more other rewards.


From May 15, 2021 until May 17, 2021, completing tasks will give players 515 Racecars that will be use to obtain free Twilight Tickets. There will be two types of Twilight Ticket: the Normal Twilight Ticket and Advanced Twilight Ticket


A Normal Twilight Ticket can be obtained by exchanging four 515 Racecars. When the normal twilight ticket is used for the first time, players will get a guaranteed Elite skin.


An Advanced Twilight Ticket can also be obtained by exchanging twelve 515 Racecars. Use it to get a guaranteed skin with a chance to be an Epic Skin. You will get unowned Epic Skin first!


Make sure to login to the game and complete as many tasks as you can to earn as many skins as rewards during this event.

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