Mobile Legends Patch 1.3.14

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Jul 14, 2018
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The Patch 1.3.14 now available!Take a look at the game’s latest changes and updates:

  1. Jungling:We raised the difficulty of Creeps which should incentivize players to the lane during the early game.
  2. Battle Spells:Now Weaken is now called Scout and summons, Harper, a magical assistant, who gives you sight at a designated area.
  3. Emblems:Healing Hand is now redesigned as Avarice, which grants an extra 10 gold after dealing damage to enemy heroes, with a Cooldown of 2s.
  4. Connection Optimized:We optimized the servers and enhanced network experience in Southeast Asia and South America.
  5. New hero:Thamuz, the Lord Lava, now available!
  6. Season settles in advance:We will be ending our current season a bit early on September 25th.
  7. Big event coming through on September 25th, be aware!
Come to check more new features in game!