Mobile Legends Patch 1.3.88 Breakdown


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Jul 14, 2018
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Mobile Legends recently released patch 1.3.88 here is a quick breakdown of the major features and changes

Celestial Level

Unlock celestial task and get exclusive rewards, When the players earn 6000 EXP after reaching Lv. 30, they will unlock the all new Celestial Levels

Celestial Tasks will be unlocked. Celestial Tasks refreshes 3 times in a week. Complete tasks for a chance to get Celestial Chest keys. Collect 8 celestial chest keys to open celestial chest.

Item Rewards
  • Exclusive Painted Skins
  • Exclusive Avatar Borders
  • Exclusive Battle Emotes
  • MCL Entrance Ticket
  • Diamond Coupon
  • Star Protection Card
The higher your celestial level the better the chest rewards.

Roaming Equipment

Help Tank and Support heroes farm quickly, Support and Tank Heroes farm much more slowly than other Heroes. In order to solve this problem. weve added a new Tab called "Roaming"

Unique Passive - Devotion
Gains Gold and EXP automatically. Gains nothing from Minions or Creeps when your teammates are around you. They will share the whole EXP or Gold.

Unique Passive - Thriving
Increases Gold or EXP you gain automatically. Gains extra Gold or EXP with Assists.

All Roaming Equipments have 2 skills "Devotions" and "Thriving". They will help players to farm quickly without affecting teammates.

Wooden Mask > Iron Mask then Shadow Mask, Courage Mask or AWE Mask

Shadow Mask - Group Stealth
  • Conceals you and teammates
  • Increases Movement speed

Courage Mask - Team Buff
  • Increases movement speed
  • Increase ATK
AWE Mask - Single Target Stun
  • Stuns an enemy
The tier 3 equipment items will have different skill to affect the results of matches

MCL - MLBB Champions League

A league for everyone with awesome rewards

  1. Players of all levels can compete in the MCL championship
  2. Players will be divided into diffirent groups according to the players region and MCL league level
  3. All MCL Weekly Champions quality for the championship finals
Weekly Rewards

Champion Emotes
Get specially design battle emotes

Championship Tickets
Get an invitation to MCL champion

Display Logo

Get starlight pts draw permanent skins

New Mode and New Season


Login in the game and claim awesome rewards, Rivals starts now! Log in the game on july 6th and try your luck at epic skins!

New Season S13
  • Increase your ranks and win exquisite skins
  • S12 ranked season exclusive skin Vexana - Imprisoner
  • S13 will start on June 27th
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