Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.60 Spotlight


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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch 1.4.60 Spotlight New Patch is coming!

New Hero: Atlas
As a teamfight-oriented, anti-marksmen tank, what changes will he bring to the battlefield?

• New Hero: Atlas!

Witness the Rise of the Assassins!
Check out the revamped Assassins and Item Adjustments!

• Rise of Assassins!
- Revamped Heroes: Hanzo, Natalia, Lancelot!

- Equipment Adjustments:
- Blade of the Heptaseas, Endless Battle, Twilight Armor, Dominance Ice

Enjoy the changes on the MLBB Championship League!
Play with your Squad and get awesome rewards!

• MLBB Championship League [MCL] Changes!
- Team Lobby; Added Voice Chat and Auto Invite features
- Squad Gifts
- Optimized Champion List UI
- Added Weekly Champion Trophy Display

Join in the upcoming World Event: Fighters on the Stormy Sea!

• World Event: Fighters on Stormy Sea!
- Events and Free Gifts!
- Pre-order Event: Northern Vale Heroes Trial Pack
- Jigsaw Event: Exclusive Avatar Border & Bane Skin
- Collect & Exchange Event: Tickets

View the spotlight of Patch 1.4.60 to learn more about what to expect in this update! Check out the details!
Coming soon! Stay tuned!