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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch Notes 1.4.74 [Advanced Server] 04/29/20

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

1. [Son of the Dragon] Zilong

Note: Revamped Zilong is available for a limited time free trial on the Advanced Server.
  • Hero Feature: The son of dragon, master of spear martial
  • Skill 1 - [Spear Flip]: Zilong lifts an enemy over his back, dealing physical damage and reducing the target's physical defense.
  • Skill 2 - [Spear Strike]: Zilong charges forward and strikes with the Dragon Spear, dealing physical damage on target hit and slowing the target.
  • Ultimate - [Supreme Warrior]: Zilong gains Movement Speed, Attack Speed as well as Slow Immunity. Debuffs will be removed upon skill cast. While Supreme Warrior is active, Dragon Flurry can be triggered after every 2 Basic Attacks instead of after every 3 Basic Attacks.
  • Passive - [Dragon Flurry]: After every 3 Basic Attacks, Zilong can attack the target in front multiple times with his next Basic Attack, dealing multiple times of his Basic Attack damage.
2. [Moonlight Archer] - Miya

Note: The old version of Miya will be temporarily banned on the Advanced Server, while the Revamped Miya will be available for free trial. Her skins will be temporarily unavailable while the Revamped Miya is under testing.
  • Skill 2 - [Rain of Arrows]: Miya shoots the Moon Arrow which splits into 8 minor arrows at the designated location, dealing physical damage, slowing the target hit, and applying Moon Eclipse effect to them. Upon taking damage from Miya for 8 times, the target affected by Moon Eclipse will be immobilized.
  • Ultimate - [Turbo Stealth]: Miya removes all debuffs on her right away and conceals herself (attacking by Miya breaks the concealment). Miya also immediately gains full stacks of Turbo effect, increasing Movement Speed.
  • Passive - [Turbo]: Each time Miya hits a target with her Basic Attack, her Attack Speed will be increased. This effect caps at 5 stacks. After reaching full stacks, each Basic Attack Miya does summons Moonlight Shadow to aid her once.
3. [Lightning Sorceress] - Eudora

Note: While making sure that she's easy to use, we wanted to add some depth to the Revamped Eudora so that players who are good with her can choose skill combos more freely depending on the situation.

Hero Feature: Master of lightning control, mage with burst potential
  • Skill 1 - [Forked Lightning]: Eudora casts forked lightning, dealing magic damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area in front of her. Enemies affected by Superconductor will take additional magic damage after a short delay.
  • Skill 2 - [Electric Arrow]: Eudora launches a lightning bolt towards the target, dealing magic damage and stunning the target. If the target is affected by Superconductor, the lightning bolt will split into minor bolts upon hit and further spread towards up to 3 targets nearby, dealing magic damage and stunning them. Minor lightning bolts prioritize heroes.
  • Ultimate - [Thunder's Wrath]: Eudora summons a great lightning storm, dealing magic damage to the target. If the target is affected by Superconductor, the lightning charges will spread on the ground towards nearby enemies, dealing magic damage.
  • Passive - [Superconductor]: Eudora's skills inflict Superconductor on the target. Additional effects will be applied when Eudora lands her skills on to targets affected by Superconductor.

II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. Granger's Starlight Skin "Biosoldier", also the May Starlight Exclusive Skin, will be available from May 1 on Official Server.
2. Selena's skin "Thunder Flash" will be available in "Lucky Box" event on May 4.
3. Free Heroes: Server Time 5/1/2020 05:01:00 to 5/8/2020 05:00:00 (Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
  • 8 Free Heroes: Lylia; Change; Yi Sun-shin; Harley; Moskov; Granger; Franco; Esmeralda
  • 6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes: Masha; Belerick; Aldous; Selena; Claude; Kadita

Ill. Hero Adjustments

Popol and Kupa
  • Slightly shortened the cast animation of skill 2 "Kupa, Help!".
  • Fixed an issue where Popol was not able to revive Kupa if Kupa died while Popol is being resurrected by Immortality.
  • Fixed an issue where Kupa wasn't able to benefit from equipment items that Popol purchased while waiting for respawn.
  • Optimized Kupa's animation in battle.

Yu Zhong
  • From the Designers: Dear player, in last week's update, we released the new hero "Black Fierce Dragon" on the Advanced Server. We've been overwhelmed with players' feedback on how much they like this hero, and we feel even more motivated to move forward with the optimization and improvement on this hero. On the other hand, we've also noticed a rising concern from our players regarding the hero's original name. We originally chose to name the Black Fierce Dragon after one of our designers of this hero since his name fits into the background story and hero setting of the Black Fierce Dragon. It was our inconsiderate move that hurt some of our players' feelings and we are deeply sorry for the offense caused by the name. In addition, we have changed Black Fierce Dragon's name and background story in this update. Thank you for your understanding and support. Have fun in the game!
  • Basic HP increased by 100. Physical DEF increased by 5. HP Growth increased by 10.
  • Cursing Touch: During Sha Eruption, Yu Zhong no longer gains additional Spell Vamp. Newly added additional Sha Essence regen. Greatly increased Movement Speed Boost. Triggering condition of HP Regen changed from "upon death of enemies with Sha Essence" to "in the duration of Sha Eruption".
  • Dragon Tail: CD reduced by 1s at all levels.
  • Soul Grip: Skill redesigned. It can no longer drag enemies, while Yu Zhong's personal movement right after skill cast remains. Yu Zhong no longer knocks enemies back upon contacting. Newly added Basic Attack enhancement based upon number of enemies hit by the skill (number of Sha Essence applied also varies accordingly).
  • Black Dragon Form: Black Dragon Form lasts for 1s longer.

Yi Sun-shin
  • Base Physical ATK decreased by 10, Movement Speed decreased by 10 at all levels.
  • Heavenly Vow: Burst Movement Speed boost while he's on the Turtle Ship decreased from 80% to 60%, steady Movement Speed boost decreased from 20% to 15%. Movement Speed boost from the 2nd enhanced Basic Attack decreased from 25% to 15%. Damage of 2nd enhanced Basic Attack increased from 55% to 60%.
  • Blood Floods: Melee damage decreased to be the same as the first portion of the ranged damage. Physical Attack bonus increased from 80% to 100%. Damage scales up to 200% instead of 150% for the upon charging.

Luo Yi
  • HP Growth increased by 20 at all levels.
  • Duality: Total damage of Yin-Yang Reaction reduced by roughly 11%. Total shield gain from applying marks increased by roughly 11%. Movement Speed boost increased from 25% to 30%, duration increased from 1.5 to 2s.
  • Dispersion: Base Damage increased by 50 at all levels.

  • Leap of Faith: She can only use no more than 1 Sacred Orb to improve the skill once. Leap distance increased.
  • Valkyrie Descent: Attack Range increased.

Fixed an issue where the passive effect of Endless Battle can be triggered when players tap Wanwan's ultimate while it's still not learned.

Fixed an issue where Thamuz may be able to toss 2 scythes in certain extreme instances.

Optimized animation of Tempest of Blades in the battlefields.

  • Attack Growth decreased from 10.5 to 8.75.
  • ATK Speed Ratio decreased from 80% to 60%.

Only Fast: Damage of the Enhanced Basic ATK reduced from 200% to 180%.

Deadly Stinger: Basic Damage of each stinger decreased by 40 at all levels.

  • Mind Eater: Basic Damage decreased from 360-570 to 300-540. Fusion Enhanced damage adjusted accordingly.
  • Hive Clones: Basic Damage adjusted from 140-200 to 110-200.

IV. System Adjustments

1. Like button removed from the Report Ul in the Post-game screen.
2. Optimized the description of the Grading rules in the Post-game screen.

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