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Patch Notes 1.4.82 [Advanced Server] 05/28/20

Since the release of the Magic Chess Mode, we are overwhelmed with your love and passion for it. Moreover, we know that many players are expecting new contents in this mode. Therefore, a brand new Arcade Mode [Magic Competition] is available in this patch! You can enter the Magic Competition from the Magic Chess interface now! In the [Magic Competition], you need to spend Magic Coins, a special in-game currency, participating in the match. There are three levels of rooms. The Magic Coin amount required scales with the Room Level. Magic Coins can be purchased by Battle Points, Tickets or Diamonds, and also can be obtained by winning different places in the match. Magic Coins can be used to exchange for various rare items and even the precious Little Commanders & Chessboards! Besides, there is also a Magic Competition Leaderboard where outstanding players can display their strength. If you have any question or suggestion on the [Magic Competition], please contact our Customer Service.

I. New Heroes & Revamped Heroes

1. [Desert Scimitar] - Khaleed is available for a free trial on the Advanced Server for a limited time. Purchase is unavailable.

Hero Feature: A swift and dauntless fighter who battles with the help of the Desert Power.

Skill 1 - [Desert Tornado]:

Khaleed shoots sand knives, dealing damage to nearby enemies. Upon hitting the enemy, he leaps one time in the movement direction and casts this skill again for a maximum of 5 times.

Skill 2 - [Quicksand Guard]:

Khaleed protects himself with the power of quicksand, restoring HP and Desert Power and reducing damage taken. Meanwhile, quicksand appears under his feet, slowing nearby enemies.

Ultimate - [Raging Sandstorm]:

Khaleed summons a sandstorm and rushes toward a designated place, gaining Control Immunity, dealing damage to enemies on the path and constantly pushing them. Upon arriving at the destination, Khaleed shakes the ground, dealing great damage to enemies within the range and stunning them.

Passive - [Sand Walk]:

Khaleed accumulates Desert Power while moving. After Desert Power is fully charged, Khaleed will slide on sand, increasing Movement Speed and enhancing his next Basic Attack. With the enhanced Basic Attack, Khaleed dashes to the target and raises a wave of surging sand, dealing damage to the target and enemies behind and leaving a pool of sand. Khaleed gains Movement Speed on the sand pool while his enemies are slowed on it.

2. [Malefic Gunner] - Revamped Layla is available for a free trial for a limited time on the Advanced Server while the original Layla is temporarily unavailable. Please note that the skins of the original Layla does not apply to Revamped Layla during this period.

Skill 1 - [Malefic Bomb]:

Layla fires a Malefic Energy Bomb, dealing damage to the first enemy hit and increasing the range of her Basic Attack.

Skill 2 - [Void Projectile]:

Layla fires an energy ball that explodes, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies and applying Magic Marks to them. Layla can detonate Magic Marks with her following attacks, dealing damage to nearby enemies and slowing them.

Ultimate - [Destruction Rush]:

Layla fires an energy blast, dealing damage to enemies on the path. Each skill upgrade increases the ranges of her Basic Attack and Void Projectile.

Passive - [Malefic Gun]:

The damage of Layla's Basic Attacks and skills scales with the distance between her and the enemy.

II. Weekly Free Heroes & New Skins

1. X.Borg's Starlight Skin "Graffiti Fashion", the Exclusive Starlight Skin of June, will be available from June 1st (Server Time) on the Official Server. Stay tuned.

2. Free Heroes:

Server Time 5/29/2020 05:01:00 to 6/5/2020 05:00:00
(Tap the Settings button on the top-right corner of the main page to check.)
8 Free Heroes: Minotaur; Clint; Ruby; Belerick; Karrie; X.Borg; Harith; Gusion

Ill. Hero Adjustments


Basic HP increased by 50. Basic Physical Defense increased by 5.

Elapsed Daytime - Each time the charged Basic Attack hits the enemy, she restores HP. Skill indicator added.

Alecto: Final Blow - The width of the skill range and dashing distance increased.

[Yu Zhong]

Dragon Tail - The damage caused by the cloak's sharpened edge adjusted from 600-900 to 500-950. This damage can also add two stacks of Sha Residue.

Furious Dive - Damage of the enhanced Basic Attack adjusted from 90% Extra Attack Bonus to 100% Total Attack Bonus.

Black Dragon Form - Invincible effect removed. Damage largely increased. Sha Essence gathered from each hit increased.

Cursing Touch - Spell Vamp adjusted from 25% to 20% when the Sha Essence is fully charged.

[Yi Sun-shin]

Basic Attack Speed increased by 3%.

Traceless - Skill damage increased.


Role adjusted from fighter to tank/fighter.

Steel Bones - Conversion rate of HP lost to Physical Defense gain adjusted from 2.5% to 2%. The limit adjusted from 250 to 200.

Unbreakable - CC duration adjusted from 1.2 to 1.5s. CD adjusted to 12-10s.

Build Recommendation adjusted.


Life Recovery - It takes effect after leaving combat for 3s instead of 5s.

Total HP Growth adjusted from 201 to 156.


Cyclone Sweep - Basic Damage adjusted from 60-160 to 60-185. Total Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 0.3 to 0.35.


Initial Physical Defense adjusted from 22 to 17. Ultimate's HP Regen adjusted from 3% to 2-3%.


Battle Side-by-side - Dexter benefits 35% of the passive effect of Demon Hunter Sword now instead of 50%.


Energy Transformation - The damage range decreased by 10%. Synchronized the range indication and the actual range.


Death Sonata - Slow duration adjusted from 0.5 to 0.2s.


Attack Growth adjusted from 14 to 12.5.


Ninjutsu: Demon Thorn - Physical Attack Bonus adjusted from 100% to 60%.

IV. Battlefield Adjustments


1. Optimized the map performance of Imperial Sanctuary under Smooth or Ultra

2. Core Guard: Basic Gold reward reduced by 20%. Chase distance shortened.

3. Statued Shocker: Basic Gold reward reduced by 20%. Chase distance shortened.

4. Statued Chaser: Basic Gold reward reduced by 20%. Chase distance shortened.

5. Gargoyle: Basic Gold reward reduced by 20%.

6. Crammer: Basic Gold reward reduced by 10%.

7. Little Crammer: Basic Gold reward reduced by 10%.

8. Lizard Man: Basic Gold reward reduced by 10%.

9. Little Crab: Basic Gold reward increased by 100%. Basic HP increased by 20%

10. Melee minion: Basic Gold reward increased by 20%.

11. Siege minion: Basic Gold reward of the first 2 waves increased by 20%.


1. Wooden Mask: Movement Speed bonus decreased from 15 to 10.


1. Flameshot: Slow reduced from 60% to 40%. Total Magic Power bonus increased from 40%-160% to 45%-180%.

V. System Adjustments

1. Optimized the new follower notification.

2. Players will be able to see personalized info of nearby players while searching.

3. MCL optimizations

a. 515 eParty theme decorations removed.
b. Ticket purchasing process simplified.
c. Detailed discount info added to MCL Monthly/Season Pass
d. Notification tag added to MCL tab under Live when there's MCL matches going on.

4. Low Battery notification added upon entering a lobby.

5. Bad Network Connection notification added to the lobby.

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