Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.86 Spotlight


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Jul 7, 2019
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[Inside Mobile Legends – Patch 1.4.86 Spotlight]
New Patch is coming!

Preview: Project NEXT!
  • Revamped Heroes
  • Improved Hero artwork, controls, visuals, and audio quality
Season Adjustments!
  • Improvement and adjustments for Tank Heroes
  • Revamped Battle Spell: Vengeance
  • Improved Tank Emblem
  • Decreased Prices for Defense Items
Enhanced Features!
  • Smart Command Wheel
  • Quick Chat Voiceovers
  • Revamped Draft Pick Interface
  • Team Channel & Pre-Invite Features
  • Customizable Player Profile Page
Revamped Hero: Yi Sun-shin!
  • Improved Skills, Display Model, and more! Stay tuned for a follow up video!
New Hero: Yu Zhong!
  • The biggest foe of the Oriental Fighters is coming on June 19th!
  • Stay tuned for more updates!
New Event: Dragons Reborn!
  • Special event designed for Yu Zhong!
  • Dragon Tamers revealed:
    • Estes, Masha, Kimmy, and Ling will be joining Valir to complete the Dragon Tamers!
  • Watch out for Skin Trailers coming soon!
Magic Chess New Content!
  • Limited-time Event: Magic Competition!

All in Patch 1.4.86! Explore the latest episode of Inside Mobile Legends and find out what to expect in the new version!