Mobile Legends Patch 1.4.94 Hero Roles and Labels Changes - Alice as a Tank, Kadita as an Assassin

The game developers optimized the roles and labels of some heroes. This is based on the feedback they received that some heroes are given a role that is not suitable for their abilities and others are not given appropriate secondary classifications.

Here are all the roles and labels changes made in the Patch 1.4.94

1. Alice: New Secondary Role - Tank


Alice's primary role is a mage. But unlike other mage heroes, her skills are melee range. Her first skill is a special blink skill while her second and ultimate skill needs to be near the target in order to hit. This makes her need to be in the frontline most of the time.

The tank role is also suitable for her because of the passive that can add her HP and make her tanky. Although unlike the other Mage/Tank Esmeralda, she still has a long-range basic attack.

2. Kadita: New Secondary Role - Assassin


Kadita's primary role is also a mage. The reason why the Assassin role is added to her is because of her burst potential and mobility. Other pure mages only has burst while others have mobility but their skills are for poking.

So Kadita is really different and has a similarity with the other Mage/Assassin which is Harley. They both have blink skill and they finish off opponents with their full combo.

3. Masha: Removed Secondary Role - Tank


Masha might look like a tank since she has 3 HP bars. But actually, even if you combine all of those 3 HP Bars, other tanks still have higher HP since Masha's HP can't be increased. Even in team fights, she really doesn't have the abilities of a tank to initiate or absorb much damage in team fights.

She only has her damage reduction but it is not enough and other fighters also have that ability. So Masha now classified as a pure fighter has been agreed by most players.

4. Lolita: Primary Role and Secondary Role swapped. She's now Support/Tank


Lolita is tanky to be classified as pure support. That is why it is decided to just swap her primary and secondary role making her a Support/Tank instead of Tank/Support. She really isn't a tank that can zone enemies like the other Tank/Support Minotaur.

She only goes frontline when she uses her second skill. Her ultimate skill is also not like most tanks that will go near the target. She initiates from a distance. So this adjustment for Lolita's role is justifiable.

5. Added New Label - Magic Damage

There are heroes like Karina, Gusion, Guinevere, and Silvanna, that are not really appropriate to be classified as a Mage. Those four heroes deal basic attacks not from long range and their skill sets are not mage-like. That is why their Secondary Role as a Mage was removed and a new label was added. Selena is not adjusted since she transforms as a mage in her Elven form which makes her deal basic attack from a distance and has mage-like skill sets.

Karina and Gusion are simply assassins that deal magic damage instead of the usual physical damage. The same goes for Silvanna and Guinevere. They are really designed as fighters, not a mage.

Those are all of the current optimizations for hero roles and labels. There might still be more changes to be made in the future. Share this information to your friend so that they won't be surprised about Alice being seen in the Tank section or Kadita in the Assassin section.

Tune in for more guides and updates!