Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.16 Review - Changes on wave-clearing ability of some heroes

Due to the changes on the battlefield, the developers adjusted the wave-clearing ability of some heroes and also made adjustments in other aspects accordingly. These are reasonable changes that won't largely affect the wave-clearing ability rankings of the heroes. This is based on Patch 1.5.16 which is already applied in the original server.

Here are the heroes that were affected by the adjustments:

1. Silvanna


She has one of the fastest wave clear abilities in the game because of her second skill. So her skill 2 was adjusted and its damage to minions will only be 50%. They've increased the magic power bonus of this skill too but it won't affect her much in early game.

2. Balmond


This is the adjustment on his skill 2:

Skill 2 (↓):
Damage increase after dealing damage to enemies doesn't work on minions now.

This means a bit slower wave-clear potential for Balmond.

3. Martis


Martis' skill 2 is also one of the abilities that can clear the wave very fast. That is why it was adjusted and now only deals 75% damage to minions.

4. Terizla


The cooldown of his skill 2 can now be reduced by increasing its level. But his early game wave clear ability was nerfed. His skill 2 now deals only 50% damage to minions.

5. X.Borg


The 75% damage to minions of his skill 1 only applies when he has his armor on. But if he has no armor, his skill 1 will deal 100% of its original damage to minions.

6. Dyrroth


Dyrroth even though he seems underrated in higher ranks, the developers are still aware that he has a fast wave clear because of his passive and skill 1. That is why his skill 1 was adjusted to deal only 75% damage to minions.

These are all the six heroes that their wave-clear abilities were directly nerfed. For other heroes, those were just indirect nerfs. Compared to those who are only indirectly nerfed, these six heroes will most likely have a permanent reduced damage to minions even though they were to be adjusted in the next updates.

That's all for this topic. Tune in for more news and updates.