Mobile Legends Patch 1.5.21


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Jul 7, 2019
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Patch Notes 1.5.21 [Advanced Server] Introducing [Arena] the brand-new mode [Arena] will be available for play after this Advanced Server update.

[Arena] Introduction:

In [Arena] mode, you will match up against another player in a 1v1 battle. And your goal is simple, take down your opponent's Little Commander before they take down yours. In order to do so, you will have to use cards to summon Heroes and Monsters and cast spells to fight against your opponent's troops. The battle will keep going until the Little Commander on one side is taken down. [Shard], the resource to summon Monsters and use spells, is generated every several seconds. And by spending [Shards] the resource used to summon Heroes, [Essence], will be generated.

Though luck is still sometimes needed as a good starting hand helps a bit, this mode is where capabilities like strategy-choosing and decision-making truly shine. So, whether you are a Magic Chess fan or a Real-Time Strategy game lover, this is the mode that you definitely don't want to miss out!

1. Obtain Cards

After entering the [Arena], you will be given a series of tutorials to get you started. After walking through the full tutorial, you will be rewarded 9 basic cards. As you play, you can get cards from Battle Chests and Summoning Orbs. The duplicate cards obtained will be used to upgrade the corresponding cards to give it more strength, In addition, more cards will be unlocked as you progress your rank. All cards will be unlocked when Legend is reached. There are two levels of rarity for Hero cards, Uncommon and Rare. There are two levels of rarity for Monster/Spell cards as well, Common and Uncommon.

2. Construct Decks

You can find card details and upgrade cards in Collection. When you are building a deck, be sure to pay attention to the average Shard cost as well as deck composition, as a reasonable Shard cost curve and a well-balanced creature to spell ratio can always give you an upper hand.

3. Basic Rules & Win Condition

In a [Arena] match, you will need to pick your Little Commander and enter the Ancient Arena to fight your opponent. The match is over when a Little Commander is taken down. So try to use Shards and Essences wisely and place your cards more strategically. With much greater power than the Monsters and Spells, good use of the Hero card can make a big difference in the arena.

4. Rank & Rewards

You can earn Rank Points. Battle Points, and Battle Chests after each match. More cards can be unlocked with a higher rank. You can get Battle Points or cards that are already unlocked from the Battle Chests.

That's all the basics for the [Arena]. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the [Arena], please feel free to let us know via the Customer Service. Now, it' s time to get into the Arena and have fun!

Please note:
  1. You can enter Arena from the Arcade Modes.
  2. You will need to download the mode resource in order to play this mode.
  3. You can earn account EXP and Battle Points from Arena. But you cannot earn Chest Points from this mode.
  4. You cannot complete Achievements in Arena mode. Arena statistics will not be recorded in Profile or Leaderboards.

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